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Indian Poker 101

There are many variations of Poker. Through the years, Poker has evolved to suit the taste of players all over the world. People of different nationalities and age groups have been lured to the realms of Poker. The rules often remain the same or modified to accommodate a few changes in Poker game play.

One is Indian Poker. Indian poker is considered among the silliest of all Poker variations. It is a modification of the Classic Poker Game. Poker, as we all know is a legend on its own as it was played more than a century ago. Influential people played Poker in parties and the elitist of the 1900s gave class to it by playing Poker during parties. Movies sensationalized Poker and often depicted it as a card game filled with so much fun, and high stakes. There is no limit to the number of players in a Poker Game. Like all other card games, the Ace card assumes the highest value card.

Indian Poker is played when each player starts to shell out bets (usually one coin). There is a dealer in Indian Poker who deals the cards from the deck of shuffled cards. Players of Indian Poker put their cards on their forehead using one hand. The objective is to hide the card from their opponents. In Indian Poker, all the cards stay on the foreheads until the game is over. If the player cheats by looking at their cards, the rules of Indian Poker say that they must be disqualified.

To win the Indian Poker, the player must have the highest card compared to other players.

Each player will then put in their bets. The dealer starts putting in the bets. The decision of who wins the Indian Poker is based solely on the player's perception of their unseen hands against the seen hand of the others.

Indian Poker is played continuously until the cards from the deck are all dealt to the players. The next person on the left side of the dealer deals the card after the first round. This routine is followed until all cards are consumed.

A lot of people all over the world love Indian Poker since it is very simple. Kids can even play Indian Poker. A lot of facial expressions are made while playing Indian Poker especially because players do not even know the value of their cards. Betting increases in Indian Poker with no limit. All plain guts are the basis of betting since Indian Poker players do not have a clue on what their cards are. The trick is to keep an expressionless face despite having bad cards against the seen card.

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