April 1, 2020, 5:26 am

Clay Poker Chip Set: Your Complete Poker Set

Planning to host a poker game in your home for your friends every Friday night? Do you need to buy new poker supplies or replace your old ones?

Why buy your poker supplies as separate items when you can have all you need in one case?

A clay poker chip set has all you need whether you plan to host a weekend poker in your home or an everyday poker in your casino.

More than that, clay poker chips are the best of its kind. It doesn't create a vexing sound when it hits the table. They are easy to pile up and handle. They have a smooth surface without being slippery. Clay poker chips mean elegance and utility. As such, they continue to be a popular choice of casino operators.

Other than poker chips, a clay poker chip set normally includes dices, dealer button, and deck of cards. All of these are arranged inside an aluminum case, walnut case, or oak wood case. Thus, with a clay poker chip set, you can easily store your poker supplies after a game.

The number of poker chips included in a clay poker chip set varies. Some sets contain 300 chips and less; some, 1000 and more.

When buying a clay poker chip set, you need to consider the number of players who are joining your poker ring game or tournament. If 9 people are coming to join your table, 300 chips might not be enough. You might consider getting the clay poker chip set with a thousand chips.

When buying a clay poker chip set, you may also select the colors as well as the quantity of the poker chips. Usually, you have more color choices when you buy sets with more chips. For instance, you may only have three chip colors with a 300-chip set and get more with a 500-chip set.

Usually, chip colors as well as quantity are pre-picked by the manufacturer, but you may also request for changes in quantity and color of chips. Since many chip sets can also be ordered online, you need only to indicate your request for changes in their online order form.

The number of dices, dealer buttons, and deck of cards that are included in a set may vary as well.

Thus, whether you're planning to host a home tourney or ring game, whether you're planning to change your poker supplies in your casino, a clay poker chip set has everything you need. Clay poker chips of variegated colors, decks of cards, dealer buttons, and dices--- all are included in elegant cases made of wood or aluminum.

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